Welcome Home to Excellent Care!!!

Texas Family Doctor opened its doors in June 2022 to provide excellent care for patients in our Crockett Office. We are happy to serve you and your family now, and in the years to come. We look forward to getting acquainted and earning your trust. Stop by today or click "Schedule an appointment" and see how we can help serve your medical needs.

Welcome Home...

to healthCARE with an emphasis on CARE

If you have been looking for a DOCTOR...


Who specializes in YOU...

Who is AVAILABLE when you need help...

Who answers to YOU, the patient; and not to an insurance company or government bureaucrat...

Who won't just keep adding prescriptions to your problems...

Who will pray for you, and with you...

If you've been looking for healthcare with an emphasis on CARE...

Welcome Home!

Texas Family Doctor offers comprehensive Family Medicine Clinic services, always with your doctor. We believe in old school values, which means we take the time to know you as a person first; and then as a patient. We value our relationship with you above all else. We do NOT practice "cookbook" medicine, where one treatment fits all. Each patient has their own personal history and preferences considered before making any recommendations.


Texas Family Doctor is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. We know that patients come from a variety of backgrounds and frequently make medical decisions based on personal preferences. We will always take this into account when making treatment suggestions and will not get offended if you still choose your own path. That said, we will always give our best medical advice, including an explanation that you can understand. Have no fear in letting us know what is important to you when it comes to your care.


YES! As a traditional medical practice, WE DO ACCEPT MEDICARE, and currently accept MOST MAJOR COMMERCIAL INSURANCE PLANS. This includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United, Cigna and most others. We are also working hard for inclusion in TRICARE and other VA plans, as we are always honored to care for veterans and their families. We are not yet in the Humana network, despite best efforts, and will continue to work toward inclusion. If you are wondering if we accept your plan, ASK. We are happy to work for inclusion in any plans that serve the patients of Houston County and surrounding areas.


We offer affordable visits discounted for cash patients; but also offer a Membership Plan providing unlimited access to our practice for a low monthly fee. With a membership, you get unlimited consultations, secure text-message access to our practice, discounted lab services, and a whole lot more. It is ONLY A PART of what we do...but we believes it is a very special option for those who don't have access to insurance or affordable healthcare.

Watch this great video to learn more about our membership care option, for those without healthcare coverage.

Whether you have health coverage OR become a member...you will still have caring and attentive expertise available WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST.

So... WELCOME HOME to EXCELLENT CARE!!! Right here in Crockett, Texas.

How Are We Different?

Old School Values with a Modern Twist


Old School Values

The doctor patient relationship remains fundamental to our CARE for you and your family. Your see YOUR Family doctor...not a stranger. Your doctor will pay attention to YOU; not a computer screen. And when you are sick or needing help most, we will welcome you into clinic, usually same day. No excuses like "booked until next week" or "if you have a fever, go to the ER." From most office procedures and minor injuries, to illness, we serve our patients when they are in need. If you are bedbound or unable to travel without difficulty, we even regularly schedule HOUSE CALLS. We don't use a horse and buggy, but we can bring the clinic to you.


Modern Twist

We keep up-to-date on the latest technology and advances in evidence-based medicine. This means you don't have to leave town to have access to expertise in the latest treatments. We can help you filter "Dr. Google" with our decades of medical experience and common sense. And if you don't want to leave your home, we gladly offer VIRTUAL VISITS and at-home monitoring services to help you when and where it's convenient for you. Not all problems can be solved on a video, phone or text visit. But once we know our patients, we can often be more helpful virtually than an unfamiliar or rushed provider in an urgent care center or Teladoc visit. Also, you can access care from your medical HOME even when you aren't so close to home. In a serious emergency, you should always call 911 or go to the nearest ER. But otherwise, text us, call us, or message us; and we will do our best to get you the care you need.

YOUR Doctor, When and Where YOU need


When you are sick, we offer SAME-DAY office visits. (We would rather see you today in clinic than next week in the hospital). Weekends and after-hours communication with YOUR doctor for urgent needs via email, text, phone or Virtual Visit.

Virtual Care

Consult with us whenever you want, however you want - email, text, in-person, even Virtual Visits. We use modern technology to extend our commitment of excellent care for you and your family well beyond office hours.

Hospital and House Calls

Should you need hospitalization, we will work with hospitalist providers and specialists to stay on top of your status; and prepare for your recovery out of the hospital. We proudly care for patients at all three Crockett Nursing Homes, including skilled nursing and rehabilitation services "on your way back home." And if getting up or getting out is too difficult or just isn't possible, we actually make HOUSE CALLS. Really...it's true.

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Meet the Doctor

Michael R. McLeod, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

Family Doctor - Crockett

Michael R. McLeod, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years of practice in Rural Texas. From newborns to senior patients, he has always sought to care for each patient personally. He believes a healing relationship begins with a RELATIONSHIP between patient and doctor, WITHOUT the influence of government, insurance companies, drug companies or others who often have their own interests to protect. When you choose Dr. Mike, he listens to YOU.

Dr. McLeod graduated from Texas A & M University with a degree in Psychology, and then from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas with his Medical Degree. He completed three years of rural Family Medicine training during his Residency in Ft. Smith, Arkansas before starting practice in South Texas, where he served patients and their families for over 20 years. He has practiced extensively in many clinical settings, including traditional clinic, hospital, nursing home, and even has made house calls throughout his career. He opened the first direct primary care clinic in the Crossroads region of Texas, and has extensive experience connecting with patients in-person as well as via phone, video, and secure text visits. He has served in either associate or full-time core faculty roles for such institutions as UTMB, Baylor College of Medicine, and the Texas A & M College of Medicine, helping to train the future healthcare leaders of Texas and beyond. He is proud to be a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice, to have won a National Research Contest with a presentation of research on Diabetes Care, and to have been recognized with the first ever Health Heroes Award from the Texas Medical Association.

Degrees and accolades aside, Dr. Mike is most honored by the trust of his patients over the years, many of whom he considers to be friends first. He is excited to be living now in the peaceful pineywoods of East Texas with the opportunity to meet and serve new and old patients alike, both locally and across Texas through virtual care. HealthCARE has changed alot over 20+ years; but the CARE in healthCARE still remains most important to Dr. Mike.

Texas Family Doctor - Crockett

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